The UK May Soon Cancel Mandatory Quarantine for UAE Arrivals

احتمالية إلغاء الحجر الصحي على القادمين من الإمارات
Birleşik Arap Emirlikleri’nin (BAE) ticaret merkezi Dubai kentinde inşa edilen dünyanın en büyük dönme dolabı, aynı anda 1750 kişiye hizmet verecek. Ekim ayında açılışının yapılması planlanan Ain Dubai (Dubai'nin gözü) adlı dönme dolap, kapsül şeklinde 48 adet kabinden oluşuyor. Bir turunu 38 dakikada tamamlayan Ain Dubai, ziyaretçilerine 360 derecelik kesintisiz şehir görüntüsü sunacak. ( Government of Dubai Media Office - Anadolu Ajansı )

The British Minister for Middle East and North Africa, James Cleverly, revealed that arrangements are reaching the final stages to allow those coming from the #UAE to enter the #UK without being subjected to the current mandatory quarantine.

The reform will only apply to fully vaccinated Emirates against covid-19, to take effect on the fourth of the upcoming October.

“We are finalising arrangements with UAE to include their nationals and residents in our plans to open up to the fully vaccinated from other countries from 4 October,” the minister tweeted on the 17th of September.

Specific details on travel requirements to the UK for residents of the UAE have not yet been disclosed. However, it seems likely that there will be a change in the current requirement to go into a mandatory 10-day quarantine within a British hotel.

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