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Mother stabbed to death in north London

فريق التحرير 12 October 2021

The capital is seeing yet another violent female death, with a mother stabbed to death in north London.

A mother-of-four was stabbed to death in north London in the early hours of Sunday morning, the Independent reports. She is said to be the 14th woman to be killed in London since Sarah Everard was brutally murdered in March.

After receiving a call due to a disturbance in Primrose Hill, police found the body of a woman in her 30s with severe stab injuries.

The woman was still alive upon police arrival, but the officers were unable to save her. She was pronounced death before paramedics could reach her.

Investigations are still ongoing. However, the MET have arrested a man by the name of Jason Bell, 40, on suspicion of murder. (

Tributes of flowers, cards and stuffed toys were also placed outside the block where she died, says the Independent.

Female murders on the rise

The woman’s death follows the September murder of 28-year-old Sabina Nessa in Kidbrooke, and those of at least 12 other women in London, since Sarah Everard was murdered by Pc Wayne Couzens on 3 March this year.

Their deaths have created a shaky relationship between women in London and the police and have led to calls for women’s safety to be taken more seriously.

The plans to do just that are currently undergoing, with the government collaborating with BT to create 888 as an emergency number for women safety, as well as an app with the same purpose. Learn more about that here.

Source: Independent