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IKEA UK spies on its staff in toilets

محليات 30 September 2021

IKEA has removed cameras staff found ‘hidden’ in toilets. Staff members found CCTV cameras in both men’s and womens’ at one of Ikea’s branches in Peterborough.

Ikea then admitted the lenses had been there since 2015, according to the Sun.

How did it all begin?

A member of staff reported noticing a red light beaming through a gap in the panels when the lights were switched off. Upon investigation, staff found camera lenses positioned above the ceiling, some pointing directly into cubicles, says the Sun.

Allegedly, the company had the cameras installed to fight drug-taking among employees.

Footage has been retrieved from hard drives and handed to third party investigators. If any staff privacy was invaded, Ikea promised its employees handing itself to the authorities.

Staff Outrage

Staff were disgusted outraged by the discovery some members quit their jobs. Some even saying they “cannot step foot” into the centre again after such shocking breach of personal privacy.

One source told the Sun: “Everyone is in shock. Staff have been offered counselling. ( A number of Muslim women were in tears. No one can believe this has been going on.”

“We were told in emotional briefings that they were trying to clamp down on any cheating in drug testing of the workforce,” the source added. “But what on earth was the firm thinking. It is a scandal.”

Legal Action

Workers are now said to be considering taking legal action.

According to data protection laws in the UK, it is not illegal to use CCTV cameras in places of privacy, such as toilets, if the person/organisation using them can justify their use.

The sun quoted IKEA spokesperson saying: “We take the safety and security of our co-workers very seriously. The installation of the cameras in 2015 was to detect alleged activity that could have resulted in serious injury to co-workers, and to maintain a high level of safety on-site.

“The cameras were only ever intended to film activity in the roof space or corridors.

“All these cameras have since been removed and whilst an independent investigation takes place, we’re unable to share any further detail,” they claimed.

Source: The Sun