Feeling Grateful

Feeling Grateful
Feeling Grateful (Unsplash)

Problems are forever and we can’t avoid them. People of different ages, generations, nationalities, complain and grumble every day about a new problem they are facing.

The smallest of problems can make you feel insignificant sometimes.

The main cause of the problem is being anxious about feeling anxious or being anxious of feeling the too-good-to-be-true kind of happiness.

Feeling Grateful (Unsplash)
Feeling Grateful (Unsplash)


“Happiness” is a feeling that the youth spend their life searching for more than the adults.

But Allah has given us the true path for happiness in the Qur’an {If you indeed be thankful, I will bestow more (favours) on you} [Surah Ibrahim:7].

This is the title of my article: Feeling Grateful. The feeling of being appreciative and thankful for everything in life, big or small, good or bad.

Being grateful is a rewarding feeling. Once you are thankful, you will be more aware of the blessings around you, and eventually, you would start feeling more significant and find your purpose in life.

However, nowadays the meaning of luxury changes day by day, and social media makes it harder to feel grateful for the life you have. it makes you constantly compare what you have to what others have.

Recently I noticed that the feeling of gratitude is, unfortunately, missing between many people, whether it was between kids and their parents, or between two friends, or two couples.

And I find the evidence for that in the hadith by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH): “He who is healthy, secure, has his daily needs fulfilled, it is as if he owns the world” (Ibn Hibban)

A lot of people ask me what is the reason for my happiness, and I say, from personal experience -:

Being grateful is the key to happiness, that is, to be grateful to your God, your religion, those around you, your parents, and anyone who has passed through your life or done you a favor.

Be grateful and you will find a great change in your life and your view of life would change.


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