Avoid These Mistakes When Renovating

In the last 18 months, we got to stay home and spend most of our time more than ever. It had become more than a place to just rest, but a place to eat, sleep and even work. This had caused many of us to rethink our homes and the ways we can improve them.

Before you start to take walls down or fence your garden, Independent.ie site mentioned few common mistakes that you need to avoid.:


Not Setting a Budget

Renovating your home can cost as big or as small you set it to be. Before starting, you have to set up a clear plan and budget that you can actually afford.

Sometimes, it is enough to only change the color of the walls and adding new furniture, other times the house needs more than that, such as expanding the kitchen or changing a bathroom.

You must be certain from the beginning about your budget.


Not Checking Pipelines Plan

You might believe that the possibility of damaging a pipeline is very small, but the truth is around 550 incidents of damaging gas pipelines occur every year in Ireland.

Even if you’re just doing some minor indoor improvements, a small nail or screw in the wrong place could damage an internal gas pipe.


Forgetting Important Maintenance

We all aim for a better-looking home after renovating, but the most important is to have a safe home.

Address any structural or safety issues inside or outside the home as well as checking the house’s foundation and sub-flooring.

Do not forget to make sure to only hire certified professionals, especially electrical and gas work. By spending a little extra time on these things, you’ll then relax in the comfort of knowing that your house is safe and sound!


Decorating By Trends

Renovating your home is a great chance to updating your house style, however, make sure to not only stick to passing trends and choose more of classic timeless style.

Choose neutrals, sturdy materials, and classic looks to keep your home looking great for longer.


Having unrealistic expectations

Renovations can be messy and inconvenient. We recommend doing some research before you start working so you can know what to expect before, during, and after your home renovation.

Keep in mind to pick a suitable time to start renovating. Some might think spring or summer seems like the perfect time, but others believe that it will affect their summer and their kids’. It’s something you should think about.

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