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All new homes & Offices in England to include electric car chargers

ٌلزام البيوت والمكاتب بتوفير نقاط شحن السيارات
عدنان حميدان 10 September 2021

All new homes and offices will feature electric car chargers under new laws designed to address fears over a shortage of plug-in points.

The government confirmed today that legislation would be introduced before next year that would require the installation of charging points on all new-build properties in England.

The legislation, billed as the first of its kind in the world, will also require all chargers to be “smart” devices that will ensure batteries can be replenished without overloading the grid. This includes promoting the use of charging overnight. The rules are expected to come into force next year.

There are mounting concerns that the plan to phase out petrol and diesel cars risks being undermined by the lack of charging points.

The government will ban the sale of new pure petrol and diesel cars by 2030, with hybrids that operate using a combination of battery power and a combustion engine following in 2035.

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